Vietnam rattan lampshade to Europe

You want to import rattan lampshade from Vietnam? Where you can buy good quality at best price?

We are Keico company, we will bring to you the best things. Every month, we always try to create new design to introduce to friend in worldwide.

We have a wide range of rattan lamps in different colors and materials.

Do you know, which point make a good quality rattan lighting? Not only the knitting technique, but also the stages such as trimming, product selection are also meticulously done in our workshop.

Packaging and labeling techniques are also a stage that needs special attention. Cleanliness, orderliness, and accuracy are the criteria when delivering products to customers.

Our rattan products are including Vietnam Rattan Bag, Rattan Basket, Rattan Tray, Rattan Tissue Box, Rattan Lamp Shade … All of products are handicrafted by Rattan, after they are woven by hand, they are dried under the sun for a few days and then smoked to dry and strengthen the weave.

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