The rattan furniture made in Vietnam is created with our smiles

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Creating rattan products based on labor’s joy is a community mission at KEICO. We always think about people.

There have been stories throughout history of exploitation or unfair treatment. For example, football players refuse to participate in tournaments, when the host country exploits labor to create stadiums. Or people nowadays discard expensive jewelry and items from the skin of rare and valuable animals.
We, KEICO, a Vietnamese brand, have a mission to create products based on the happiness of employees.
At KEICO’s factory, Workers always have a passion for their work. When they carried materials, they called together to bring heavy rattan bundles, while doing it they told each other funny stories to dispel the hardwork.
Come to KEICO’s rattan furniture factory. You will hear the joyful laughter of the workers. You will get into vibrant music from a small speaker in the corner of the factory. Sometimes small stories of female workers, who are checking product quality.

Day by day, in the hot and stuffy of summer. KEICO factory is still like a place for workers and managers to become one, find joy in life, create environmentally friendly products for a green life. That is our mission. “Creating humanity for product users based on the happiness of workers”.