New project rattan pendant light

Are you looking for rattan pendant light for you project? Keico is best choice for you.

Rattan pendant light is an extremely beautiful decoration product and creates many accents for your space.
As one of the leading manufacturers of vietnam rattan pendant light products. KEICO offers customers a variety of models, with safe quality and best prices.
Our customers have been very confident and satisfied when using Keico branded wicker pendant light for their projects.
Here are the projects at cafes, resorts with shared by customers from Europe:

Mr. Sam: “At Keico, customers not only receive good quality rattan and seagrass lampshade products, but also extremely reasonable prices. In addition, the way Keico serves and exchanges with customers, real it reassures us and there are many business options for this product.”

KEICO brings many kinds products to customers as: rattan chair, rattan furniture, rattan headboard, rattan coffee table, rattan bar stools, rattan mirror, rattan basket

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