Kim Son village, where we make products of seagrass

Kim Son village is located in the north of Vietnam that has been famous for growing seagrass and making handicraft products made of seagrass. Currently, they are exported to worldwide.
In the beginning, seagrass material was just used to make some items in home like mat but gradually, when the trend of Bohomeian style has become ever-increasingly popular, seagrass material was used for making many types of décor items such as lampshade, basket, bag, placemat, mirror…
Process of making seagrass hand-made products requires many stages and accuracy from selecting, cutting, weaving and drying under the sun. All stages need to be done perfectly to ensure the quality of the products.
With our seagrass products, we always choose materials carefully, making samples and make sure all craftsmen follow the order’ instruction. After weaving, products will be put under the sun and our workers have to check once a day to avoid them not to be too dry or too wet, depends on the current temparature. Seagrass lampshade and basket have been always our top-selling products with best quality, various models and comparatively reasonable prices.
If you are interested in our products or our seagrass handicrafts catalogue, kindly send an inquiry to our email for further details.