Cleaning bamboo trays

Bamboo trays in Keico warehouse are always cleaned and carefully selected before packing. Currently we are producing bamboo trays combined with lattice rattan. The order we produced reached nearly 10 000 units.

The bamboo trays with lattice rattan is a really nice products. The color contrast between bamboo and rattan is the highlight of the product. Furthermore, the handle of tray with natural rattan material for an eco-friendly look.
Surely, customers will ask the question: if there is a plywood at the bottom, will the product be safe to use in the home or not. The answer is safe, the plywood is made from E0, E1 glue that is standard for indoor furniture. Formaldehyde concentration guaranteed Safety Standard.
Moreover, colors are also chosen with element that have no toxicity, nor affect the surrounding air.

To get the detail bamboo trays, please contract us by email: or WhatsApp: +84985208832

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