Best-selling natural mirror models

Your home space will be more airy and spacious with the wall mirrors. And in the current era, when people move towards an environmentally friendly life, mirrors made from natural materials are indispensable items.
Reduce plastic, say no to metal or other industrial materials. Surely that is the life that people all over the world are aiming for.
So what are you waiting to use handicraft products from Keico. We bring decorative mirrors to your space with 100% natural materials such as rattan, bamboo, sedge, water hyacinth…

Friendly products, reasonable prices, handmade products, many different shapes, beautiful colors … these are the factors that you cannot ignore the bamboo and rattan mirror product.

To produce natural mirrors. Craftsmen at the Keico factory have meticulously selected materials, woven, knit and treat mold entirely with sunlight. Then, before delivering to the customer, we performed the impact quality test. Drop the mirror from a height of 1m without breaking it. All stages of finishing and cleaning products are carried out in accordance with Keico principles.

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