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The living room is always of interest to many people when coming up with interior design ideas, especially in small apartments. So how to make a small living room spacious and airy while still ensuring functionality to serve daily needs?


With floor mats made of water hyacinth, you can place them in many different spaces to suit your decorative purposes. Water hyacinth carpets have a very beautiful design and smell of natural grass, so they are very suitable for placing in modest apartment spaces that want to have an airy feeling.


A product made from natural materials like Luc Binh is both environmentally friendly, not too shabby in terms of durability, and brings a cozy and luxurious feeling to your home. It is the softness of Water Hyacinth fibers, through the meticulous and skillful knitting lines, that will make the space around it feel intimate.!

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Rattan Storage Basket

Rattan is a sturdy yet lightweight and flexible material made from the trunk of the rattan tree. It can be used both whole and broken down into thinner materials to braid into things like furniture and baskets. Because the materials are natural and the products are often handcrafted by skilled craftsmen, each item has a completely unique look.

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