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How do we treat bamboo poles?

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How do we treat bamboo poles?

Before being used to make fences or ordered items, bamboo is treated in some steps to be dried, smooth and beautiful. Step 1: Straightening Bamboo is heated and then cooled in the bend positions. Bamboo will be longer than before after being straighten (0.5-1.5cm) Step 2:Deleting bamboo knots¬† Step 3:Cutting bamboo following ordered length Bamboo…

How do we prepare bamboo material?

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– Bamboo is collected from forest with the length 4-5m – Bamboo is sorted following needed diameters. Then, workers cut the remaining branches on the poles. – Bamboo is cleaned – Bamboo is cut with the ordered specification (We keep the bamboo eyes on the top of pole to avoid the break) – Bamboo is…